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Tool Steel

We are now stocking Tool Steel Plate in D-2, A-2 and H-13

We can offer it : Hot Rolled, Machined and De-Carb Free(ground)

• Other grades available through our mill.

• Sizes start at half an inch thick.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries or questions you may have.

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Tool and Die Steels:

D-2, D-3, D-5, A-2, A-6, A-8, 0-1, 0-6, S-7

High Speed Steels:

M-2, M-3, M-4, M-7, M-42 (All Available in Powdered)

Mold Steels:

P-20, P-20HH, 420SS

Hot Work Die Steels:

H-11, H-12, H-13, H-19, H-26

Carbon Steels:

1018, 1045, 1045TPG, 1060, 1095

Alloy Steels:

4140A, 4140HT, 4340A, 4340HT, 52100, 8620


2024, 3003, 5051, 6061


660, CDA932, CDA954

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Band Sawing up to 30”
Carbide Cold Sawing up to 4”
Plate Sawing up to: 24” x 32” x 156”
Turning up to 20” DIA X 50”
Boring up to 18” ID
Rotary Grinding up to 60” DIA

Tool Steel